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RAPPS Reviews provides a platform that is fair for both the Consumer and the Business receiving the review. Our system allows for businesses to ask review writers to provide proof of purchase and or interaction details, this decreases the possibility of fake reviews by 99.99%, Allowing your reviews to be received and or acted upon by attentive business providers.


  • Most businesses know that if you post your issue on Facebook, it’ll disappear and be replaced by something else within 2 minutes, thus becoming ineffective.
  • Most businesses know that there are various forums you can post to; however, they only have a small following and no real power to effect change.
  • Most businesses know that there are ‘A Current Affairs’ programs that voice consumer complaints and seek consumer rights and protection, however with so many poor service complaints being made across ineffective forums, it is easy to see why consumer rights have been eroded over time.

Rapps Reviews is different.


RAPPS is building the largest consumer database of consumer reviews for the general public and assist to keep all Australian businesses accountable. After all, as the consumer, we are the ones purchasing goods and services and as we are spending money, consumers deserve to be valued. smiley