Rules When Posting Reviews

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Rules When Posting Reviews

These rules are posted by RAPPS Reviews for your protection and should be considered before posting any content online.

  1. Never post — words, pictures, emails addresses, home or work addresses phone contact details blogs, comments — that you’re not happy for the whole wide world to see. There is no hiding place on the internet. Regardless of how secure you or the site states that it is. Sites can be hacked for content, simply by trusting someone you thought you could trust, so check the content before you post!

  2. Think before you post.

  3. Never post things that aren’t true or allegations that you can’t prove — you could become involved in a legal dispute.

  4. Never victimize or bully other individuals (anonymously or not). You could cause a personal tragedy and that is not the intent of this site.

  5. Never shoot from the hip, think about your review, think before you write, remember the internet is vast and many people will read about how you felt undervalued. Tell your story without emotion and by doing so allows others to read about how the company behaved towards a valued customer. This is a very powerful tool where others will make a decision on purchasing based on what you say, and to see if the company values its customers enough to respond.

  6. Never duplicate someone else’s review. Write about how you feel without the emotion. The goal is to get a reply from the business.

  7. Never use bad language or abusive speech.

  8. Never use your name on an open platform. When posting on RAPPS Reviews create a new username that you only use on this site.

  9. Never post photos that you don’t want everyone to see. Personal, high-resolution photos may be copied and used for identity theft. Never post photos of other people without their permission. We recommend using photos in which identities are obscured. We also recommend that you don't post photos of children. We at RAPPS Reviews will remove any photos we deem inappropriate and will BLOCK any consumer that persists in putting themselves or others at risk.