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Rules when posting reviews

Welcome to the RAPPS Submission Page.

Your reviews play a vital role for all consumers across Australia.

This platform was created to help businesses build on their strengths and eliminate their weakness when providing Products, Performance and Services to Australian consumers.

Not all businesses are listed on our platform, however, don't let that deter you from writing a review! Please be as accurate with the Name and Location of the business as possible and we’ll do the rest!


  • Please do not use offensive language, (RAPPS will amend your review accordingly).
  • Do Not make false statements or claims where you may be required to defend your statements in a court of law.
  • Do Not use people’s names; only use the salesperson, call centre staff etc. (It is not about the individual, it is about letting the business know there is a problem).
  • Do Not attempt to threaten or bully a business (RAPPS will amend your review accordingly).
  • Do Not place your personal contact details in your review, only communicate through the platform – this is for your safety.


That all BAD or TERRIBLE reviews about RAPPS Preferred Suppliers are not posted for 7 Days for Gold, and 10 Days for Platinum Members.  

This gives the business time to contact you to discuss and resolve your concerns. Reviews will be posted even if a status change is applied – i.e. Parties Talking – Solution Offered – Resolved – Unresolved.

Please Remember to respond to all businesses that communicate with you about your review.

When writing your review please consider how a business performed based on one or more of the following values.

 Research Indicates that Consumers Want:

  • Did the business make you feel important & valued?
  • Was the service & assistance provided with a smile?
  • Do you feel you received value for money for your purchased products and service?
  • Were the staff helpful and assisted in providing a solution to your problem?
  • Have the products, performance and service met your expectations (e.g food, beverages, TV, phones etc)?
  • The staff provided personalised service and timely responses.
  • You found the contact options suitable for your needs: - phone, email or website contact form?
  • Did you receive prompt phone service (not just being put on hold for prolonged periods)?
  • The customer service personnel were easy to understand?
  • Was the call centre local or international – how did they perform?

The staff at RAPPS - are here to help, so feel free to drop us an email at at any time.