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Approved Business of Choice

This preferred supplier of choice is an agreement entered into freely, and you are under no obligation to sign up as Preferred Supplier of Choice. Fees do apply.


RAPPS Reviews Preferred Suppliers are any business that pledges to supply the best service to all customers, simply put: Consumers know that by using your business products and services they can expect to receive your best performance in customer service every time.

When you become a RAPPS Reviews Preferred Supplier you agree to provide the following services.

Consumers are aware that you agree to abide by the following charter:

1. Make consumers feel important and valued

A valued customer is a happy customer, they return or recommend you because they left feeling important.

2. Supply assistance with a smile

A staff member with a smile makes customers happy! It is hard to leave a place dissatisfied when greeted with smiling customer service personnel.

3. Value for money

Consumers talk about value for money! Many recommendations are exchanged between consumers who receive the best price for their hard-earned dollars.

4. Problems solved

Consumers want their problems solved at the point of contact! When your staff are trained correctly they can help any consumer walk out satisfied.

5. Products that meet expectations

When your business fails to meet customer expectations. Research shows that up to 68% of customers will shop elsewhere if your products fail.

6. Personalised service and a timely response  

There is a direct link between fastpersonalised service and brand loyalty and customer retention…their loyalty is influenced by receiving an immediate response from easily accessible staff, providing exceptional service.

7. Contact options

Always post a contact number and email address on your website, not just a Contact us form as a single method of communication. Consumers are frustrated with not being able to contact you directly, and you may be missing out of important leads or sales.

8. Prompt phone service

How quickly your team answers the phone, reflects on the importance your business places on your customers! Consumers contact you to ask questions about your products, performance and service, and purchase. Knowledgeable staff that can answer questions and solve problems assist in customer retention.   

9. Customer service personnel that customers can understand

Consumers want answers that easily explain a product's ability, what the charges on a bill are for, and when a service is going to apply or be completed.

10. Call centres in their own country

Have you ever seen a survey asking consumers if they are happy with having calls answered by overseas call centres?  Consumers don’t care about your bottom-line profits when they are frustrated poor customer service from overseas call centres.  Survey your customers and ask them. Even the Commonwealth Bank proudly state that “all their call centres are located in Australia”. Ring 132 221 and listen to the opening recorded statement to confirm.

This agreement is formalised when you register your business and complete the preferred supplier application and pay the required fee.

A discounted promo code can be used if personally provided one by one of our Brand Ambassadors, from received a social media promotion or email campaign or asked for details by emailing stating Promo Code Please in the subject line.  The Promo Code equates to a $99.00 saving when used for an annual subscription. Promo codes cannot be used for monthly subscriptions.  

Preferred Suppliers receive the following benefits:

  1. 1 x link to your website or social media URL
  2. Business type and or industry displayed a contact number
  3. Displayed contact email
  4. Displayed contact name (optional)
  5. The ability to add discounts to your banner (% and offer)
  6. Be instantly notified as soon as a review is entered about your products, performance or service.
  7. Directly communicate with review writers through our unique communication platform, to thank, seek clarification or address poor reviews.
  8. Access to the follow function and track your or competitions reviews (learn from what they’re doing right or wrong) and have a competitive advantage.
  9. Deferred 7-day notification posting for bad & terrible reviews (providing you with the opportunity to resolve, correct and maintain a valued customer.
  10. Status review update request from no status listed to "parties talking" - "solution offered" - "resolved” or "unresolved"
  11. Preferred suppliers can advertise across the site, with a free logo or banner resizing function where required (please see advertising section)  
  12. No ongoing fees only the annual subscription fee 

Measurable Benefits

Consumers will rate your products, performance and service on RAPPS Reviews allowing you and other consumers know how you care about consumer values. As consumers don’t go out to have a bad experience.  

Preferred Supplier Criteria

What we require of our Preferred Suppliers:

1. Registered Business Name

2. Australian Business Number – ABN

3. Website or social media URL address (optional)

4. Contact Name (displayed)

5. email address (displayed)

6. Landline or Mobile number (displayed) you can use both.

7. All Preferred supplies will display nationally.

8. Add your closest city then up to 5 suburbs

The Search option criteria are as follows:

Search Preferred Supplier: Electrician Holland Park QLD

The search will display Electricians in Holland Park or surrounding suburbs 

If no electricians found the search function will default to the city function, then national.  


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