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RAPPS Fair Play Policy ensures that Consumer Reviews are accurate and describe people’s personal experiences and opinions. Please read them carefully.

The contents of this page are subject to change without notice.

Review Recommendations


  • Express your honest opinion and provide accurate information

  • Ensure correct grammar and the use of correct language and spelling

  • Be fair and honest, and reveal any relationship pertinent to the transaction

  • Only use positions, not names i.e salesperson, sales manager, call centre staff. 


  • Be discriminatory, offensive, abusive or personally attack any individual

  • Defame the business or business personnel

  • Use names (only positions can be used)

  • Overexaggerate your complaint

  • Review more than one business at a time.

Never offend anyone

Any language is a powerful tool! Never use offensive, racist, vilifying, discriminatory or prejudicial comments at any time. Your aim should be to seek a solution from the business. Any review found to be offensive shall be altered or removed.

Personal reviews only

In order to write a review, it is expected that you have:

  • requested a quotation

  • opened a dialogue for entering into a contract

  • entered into a contract of sorts with a business, for the exchange of benefit or equity to either party, as per Australian Contract Law

  • utilised the products and services of the business being reviewed 

Exceptions include:

  • if you have requested another individual to write your review due to ill-health, lack of internet technology or literacy concerns. Please note that should you engage another individual’s assistance, that you are responsible for the content.

  • promotional trade and commerce designed to acquire or entice regular business

  • site-inspections or quotations.

Personal, first-hand experience only (No hearsay)

Write your review with as much detail as possible, tell other viewers and the business how you were valued and how they performed. If you felt undervalued as a customer or their products or performance faled to meet your expectation and/or how your circumstances have been affected. Inform other consumers of the faults you have endured.

Only submit ongoing issues good or poor service reviews under 6 months of age

Write poor service experiences while they are clear in your mind.

One review, one business

Never review more than one business at a time for chain stores, write your review towards the individual store or the parent company depending upon the circumstancs.  

No spam

Your account will be removed and deactivated.

False Reviews

False, or the loading of, negative reviews will not be tolerated. Your account will be removed and deactivated.

This includes, but is not limited to, submitting false negative reviews about competitors.

Report any suspect reviews

If you read a review that seems suspicious, incorrect, offensive or in some way inappropriate, please contact us at info@rappsreviews.com We will investigate and remove the review if necessary.