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Fair Play Policy

Fair Use Policy


General Principles

RAPPS Reviews askes that consumers provide unique kinds of content, including reviews, photos, tips, and direct messages. We want the business to know how they're rated in Products, Performance, and Service, so please read and apply the following principles when posting your valued reviews.



Please ensure that your reviews are appropriate and applicable to the business. For example:  avoid outbursts about a business's political philosophies, unusual situations, or matters that don't address the Products, Performance, or Services of your consumer experience.


Conflicts of interest:

Your reviews should be unbiased and objective. Reviews written about your own business, employer, friend’s or relatives’ business; industry competitors will be removed when discovered. Never demand reviews from your customers.


Unacceptable content:

Bad language and unsuitable photos or content, threats, harassment, blackmail, profanities, hate speech, or names of individuals will be tolerated and result in the removal of your review and account for repeated offenses. The objective of the web platform is to inform the business of your experience with their Products, Performance, and or Services.   


Promotional content:

Is only allowed on Gold, Platinum, and Corporate owner accounts, and advertisements taken out in approved advertisement locations.  



Do not post other people’s private information. Including photos, videos without permission. No Names only the following is acceptable “the salesperson for ABCDEFG appliances was rude and obnoxious when asking for assistance”. You will be given the chance to provide further information when contacted by the organisation directly through our communication portal.


Requesting payment:

Requesting or demanding payment (of any kind) as a remedy for the removal of a poor review will be considered as blackmail, and will result in the removal of your review or cancellation of your account.