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Just getting a good price is only one part of your shopping experience, all businesses should meet most of the following requirements to earn your loyalty as a valued customer.   

•    To feel important & valued

•    Service & assistance with a smile

•    Value for money when purchasing products and services

•    Helpful staff that can solve their problems

•    Products that meet expectations

•    Personalised service and a timely response

•    Contact options, phone and email (not only contact forms on a website)

•    Prompt phone service (not being put on hold)

•    Customer service personnel that they can understand

•    Call centres in their own country (keeping jobs at home)

Once registered and approved, whether you’re an individual consumer, website owner, business and social media owner, retailer etc you are then provided with your own unique Promo Code Number (eg. PC12345). When any Australian business registers and receipt of the relevant subscription fee is received as a Aproved Business/Preferred Supplier of choice using your unique code, you are paid $75.00 AUS into your nominated bank account or PayPal account (payments processed weekly).

It’s that simple! You aren’t limited to where, how, or with whom you shop as long as it’s a Registered Australian business that provides goods or services. You are not restricted by state borders or even through the online promotion of your own social media followers.     

Each Ambassador is an independent contractor of RAPPS and not an employee. Nothing herein is intended to create an employer/employee relationship.

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RAPPS Reviews provides free access registration to the RAPPS Reviews Web Platform at registration is open to all consumers throughout Australia. Join the fastest growing network, where all consumers benefit by networking their opinions on a 5-star rating system!

Registration is easy and once registered click on the Brand Ambassador tab in your dashboard.

For more information, just click the link or email and type Brand Ambassador in the subject line. 

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