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Business Registration Levels


Business Registration Levels

Whether your business is large or small, discover the benefits of joining RAPPS Reviews as a Gold, Platinum or Corporate Member.

RAPPS will help support your business goals by offering a wide array of member privileges via your online RAPPS Reviews Business Dashboard.

A value-added service that goes beyond our free Bronze membership, access to Gold, Platinum or Corporate membership provides access to a wide range of solutions and professional marketing tools to help you overcome common challenges all businesses face when dealing with online reviews, especially the ones that aren’t exactly glowing!

The benefits of membership outweigh any subscription fee involved because RAPPS offers exclusive benefits to subscribed Business Members that aren’t available to those businesses not subscribed.

A RAPPS Business Membership will provide your online Business dashboard with the following features:


  • Direct links to your website and social media accounts
  • Your business phone number, email address and the name of a contact person (this offers personalised service and consumers rate this as an important asset of a good business)
  • Instant review notification via email
  • The ability to follow other businesses online reviews (including those of your competitors)
  • A deferred seven-day notification period for posting any negative reviews your business may receive to allow you the time to turn any negative review you may receive into a positive one!

PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP: (includes all of the above, plus:)

  • A deferred ten-day notification period for posting any negative reviews your business may receive
  • Banner Advertisement placement at the top of the Preferred Supplier page
  • A quarterly industry specific statistics report

CORPORATE ENTERPRISE MEMBERSHIP: (includes all of the above, plus)

  • A monthly industry specific statistics report
  • A national banner advertisement for your business on the page of your competitor

What does this all mean?

It means times have changed and keeping a close eye on your online reviews is more important than ever before.

Online reviews are the modern-day marketing tool and the ultimate game-changer in the way more and more consumers are judging businesses when deciding who they’re going to purchase products or services from.

RAPPS is revolutionising online reviews and the way your business handles them by introducing these innovative and revolutionary features that have never been available before.

RAPPS will not publish a negative review for a business that holds a Gold, Platinum or Corporate Membership for up to 10 days (depending on your subscription level). This will allow you to directly chat with your customers about any negative reviews they may write which will provide you with the ability to resolve their issues before the reviews go live on the RAPPS website.

This is your opportunity to have your brand shine.

The bottom line is this –

Consumers spend more $$$ with businesses that have excellent online reviews

Get your online reviews to work to your advantage.

Have a question or require more information? Shoot us an email at and we’ll get back to you straight away.