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Our Mission is to Bring 5 Million Australian Consumers Together Through RAPPS Reviews About Products Performance & Service Social Media Platform by the year 2020 by establishing the largest online network based on great values and respect.

On average, consumers who receive good service, verbally tell 3 other people about their experience. Now magnify that figure through our website - you'll end up reaching 10's of thousands of consumers!

But you knew that already, didn't you!

What we Offer

  1. Businesses Registration (Free of Charge)
  2. Preferred Supplier Upgrade (Fees Apply)
  3. Advertising
  4. Customer's Values Charter 

1. Business Registration

Business can register free of charge, registration provides logo placement and the ability to communicate with review writers to thank or resolve concerns. Consumers can search your business name and location and read reviews, however, they can not contact you directly as contact facilities are provisioned for this service. Registered Business can advertise across the site (please see Advertising section)  

2. Preferred Suppliers of Choice

All Registered Businesses have the ability to upgrade to Preferred Supplier Status. Simply pledge to uphold our Customer's Values Charter (see item 4 below) and upon approval and receipt of the relevant payment, the following benefits are supplied.

  1. 1 x Link to your website or Social Media URL
  2. Business Type and or Industry 
  3. Displayed Contact number
  4. Displayed Contact email
  5. Displayed Contact name (optional)
  6. The ability to add discounts to your banner (% and offer)
  7. Be instantly notified as soon as a review is entered about you products, performance or service.
  8. Directly communicate with review writers through our unique communication platform, to thank, seek clarification or address poor reviews.
  9. Access to the follow function and track your or competitions reviews  (learn from what their doing right or wrong) and have a Competitive Advantage.
  10. Deferred 7-day notification posting for Bad & Terrible reviews (providing you with the opportunity to resolve, correct and maintain a valued customer)
  11. Status review update request From no status listed to "Parties Talking" - "Solution Offered" - "Resolved"  or "Unresolved"
  12. Preferred Supplies can advertise across the site, with a free logo or banner resizing function where required (please see Advertising section)  
  13. No ongoing fees only the annual subscription fee 

3. Customer's Values Charter

You can never deny that your business does not agree that the following consumer wants are not important. As any business that does is a failing or already a failed business!

Research indicates that Consumers Want:

  • To feel important & valued
  • Service & assistance with a smile
  • Value for money when purchasing products and services
  • Helpful staff that can solve their problems
  • Products that meet expectations
  • Personalised service and a timely response
  • Contact options, phone and email (not contact forms on a website)
  • Prompt phone service (not being put on hold)
  • Customer service personnel that they can understand
  • Call centres in their own country (keeping jobs at home)

When consumers lodge reviews, they assist consumers from all over Australia, to make informed decisions. 

 4. Advertising

Advertising is simple at RAPPS Review web platform, reach out to potentially thousands or customers that seek a RAPPS Reviews Preferred Suppliers because they know you pledge to uphold the Customer's Values Charter listed above. Don't pay per click just advertise continually by placing your logo on your page or the oppositions banner page. Post advertisements Nationally, by state or states, by city or cities, regional town or local area up to 5 postcodes, the choice is yours   

Advertising Opportunities

Contact us at for all advertising opportunities. Just type Advertise in the subject line.

Mobile device Apps are currently under construction, however, you can register your consumer reviews using the RAPPS Reviews About Products Performance & Service website NOW! RAPPS Reviews is all about making it easier for you to find better customer service, so leave your reviews and help other consumers make better choices.