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Hotel Package


 ebowden    08, Sep,2020

I had originally booked this hotel package with Luxury Escapes to arrive at the Datai, Langkawi, Malaysia on 19/7/20. This was a trip booked for this date for a special anniversary we wished to celebrate. Whilst the Datai had re-opened by 19/7/20 the Datai confirmed to me that I would not be allowed to stay as Malaysia was shut to international tourists. I rang Luxury Escapes (LE) on 17/6/20 to request a refund. I was told by a member of LE staff that LE did not offer refunds and was only offered credit or change of dates. LE told me they had “never heard” of anyone being given refunds despite there being evidence on Trustpilot of people saying they had received refunds from LE.?I reluctantly changed the dates of the hotel booking as LE would not help with the refund and had erroneously told me I was not entitled to a refund. I rebooked on the LE website to the date of 14/12/20. Due to Covid the Malaysian government have recently extended the Recovery Movement Control Order until 31/12/20 hence Malaysian borders remain closed to foreign tourists. Therefore the hotel is closed to me. As Malaysia is not allowing international tourists I am entitled to a refund as LE cannot provide what I paid for, on the date booked. I have no interest in rebooking the dates as the anniversary the trip was booked for has long gone and was a one off occasion. My financial situation also means I need the money back ASAP. I rang LE on 6/9/20 and spoke with a staff member. I requested a refund and she told me that under the terms and conditions I was not entitled to a refund and was only entitled to a change of dates or credit notes. I explained that neither of these options were acceptable to me and I believe I am entitled to a full refund as the hotel is shut to me as an international travel. Additionally there are also some of the package extras I purchased not available at the Datai. Again making me eligible for a full refund under LE’s terms and conditions. I am community nurse and have worked solidly throughout the Covid crisis. I would like to think LE will show some humanity to me and refund me in full. I have submitted a complaint to ACCC about my shoddy number: 6877TQ I have never used Luxury Escapes before and before I booked the trip back in Sept 2019 I researched LE and their customer service record and felt happy to book with them. How wrong I was. THE SHODDIEST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER RECEIVED! AVOID THIS COMPANY.

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