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Time Wasters when returning products Review Id: CI187431976

 Gerald    29, Jun,2018

I recently purchased a product from the TV Shop; their policy is to try (for a fee) for 30 days before you commit to purchasing. The product I purchased did not work, and I wished to return the product as was my right. Upon contacting the TV Shop, I encountered an overseas call centre in the Philippines who told me that I would be contacted within two business days however 8 Business days later still no return call. I contacted them again and was told SORRY but they would resend my request, and i would be contacted within two days again. Five days later it rang again and insisted that I speak to the returns department directly. I was eventually sent a replacement product that does not do what the TV Advert stated it would do. I started the return process again and was just sent a basic email with details of the address and return code for me to return at my expense, so I'm out of pocket $30 for a Crap product and left with a bitter taste after finding the TV shop very unprofessional.

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