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Dishonest Review Id: CI144485859

 Vernon L    19, Jun,2018

Took my phone to them stating that I was experiencing “charging Issues” with my iPhone 6. Straight away I was told that the charging port needed to be replaced without any consideration to any other possible issues e.g. faulty charging cable. Was also told their parts were genuine Apple parts that came with a 12 months guarantee. However, I was told that this would not be honoured if the damage was to occur due to a faulty cable. When getting my phone back two (2) of their own charging cables in the shop were faulty! I was billed $129 for the work with the invoice stating the “Charge Port” and “Audio Port” had been replaced and this was one single part. It was not until I got home that I discovered that the “Touch ID” was no longer working but worst of all my battery started depleting at a fast rate. I returned the following day about these issues, initially fixing the “Touch Id” but stating they did not touch the battery and it was “swollen” and would need to be replaced. Alarm bells rang big! I then went to the Apple store which informed me that they would never do this type of repair and was quite unsure exactly what work had been carried out. Apple also informed me that the “Audio Port” and “Charging Port” were two separate parts not one part as indicated by “Fone King”. Apple recommended me returning to “Fone King” and having the phone restored to its original condition. Upon returning to “Fone King” they continued to put off restoring the phone to its original condition, continuously stating that Apple will not help me. Eventually they did restore my phone to its original condition. I also had to create a scene in order eventually obtain a full-refund. Initially being told the “Tech Fee” would be deducted as per the “Terms and Conditions”. After that I returned to Apple who were very helpful and discovering that the charging issues were simply a result of lint being caught in the charging port. Once cleaned out the problem was solved. Also miraculously the battery issues were also resolved.

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