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eBay Product and ECommerce

It's a scam. Don't waste your money. A Rip Off !! Review Id: CI904971556

 Faisal    04, Feb,2019

This company is is a scam business who is ripping off Australians with their hard earned money. They provide 100 percent refund guarantee on an online business(Ebay and Shopify) and provide poor quality video trainings to develop a crappy website and then do Facebook ads and Instagram from the individual money. They charge about$4900 AUD for this terrible servive. Provide a phone mentor who does not provide any feedback. Do not return calls and no management calls back when there is a problem. A big scam and rip off!! Don't ever go for it and advise others. I have wasted $4900 plus another $1500 on Facebook ads which did not work. When I requested money back, there was no response from management and only emails to say they can't refund as I haven't followed the program properly. I tried to call them several times and even the mentor lied several times when asked for feedback. I have contacted ACCC and Australian Scam alert. What a rip off !!!!

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