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Customer Service Insights

Customer Service Insights  

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The importance of quality customer service


In the mass market, consumers have an increasing amount of variety in the products and services they choose to purchase. Many of these services offer very similar products; and standing out from the crowd is becoming a question of quality and personal experience.


Customer service can be the differentiator within this market.


Providing excellent customer service can:

  • Increase a business’ profits

  • Create a loyal customer following

  • Help a business become a leader in their field by listening to what consumers seek, and providing an offering in response


Businesses that provide excellent customer service will receive profits in return - but more importantly, they will gain a loyal customer relationship.


Like with any human relationship, the base qualities of a positive customer service experience are:

  • Consideration from both parties

  • Responsiveness (like in a conversation)

  • Honest and helpful guidance

  • Respect and appreciation


Consumers appreciate excellent customer service that:

  • Answers their questions

  • Resolves problems, and

  • Is built upon a genuine human interaction


These factors draw consumers to a vendor and contribute to a lasting relationship with the organisation.  


While the many reasons why customer service is important to an organisation vary, at the heart of the matter, organisations depend on people as much as people depend on them.


RAPPS recognises the importance of direct conversation between both parties and is a platform dedicated to creating better business through conversation and insights between consumers and businesses. Register now to become a part of the conversation, and help grow Australia’s business future in the process.


How to provide excellent customer service


Like the most basic of social interactions, helping one another and being considerate of the other party is the underlying secret to good business. After all,  To Sell Is Human - and understanding this is the first step towards providing quality customer service that results in great business.


While businesses invest in marketing to gain insight into what defines a great customer experience, this information is often limited.


As a dedicated consumer-business platform, we allow a constant stream of feedback and information from consumers to reach businesses, shedding insight into a wide range of contexts and circumstances to help businesses understand exact;y what excellent customer service is, from customers themselves.


How do you define excellent customer service?


The most insightful definition of excellent customer service comes from the perspectives of the masses - customers themselves.


We surveyed over 1000 consumers to discover first-hand what they value the most when purchasing products and services.


Research indicates that consumers want:

  • To feel important and valued

  • Service and assistance with a smile

  • Value for money when purchasing products and services

  • Helpful staff that can solve their problems

  • Products that meet expectations

  • Personalised service and a timely response

  • Contact options, phone and email (not contact forms on a website)


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Caption: Do you value your Tailor your phone customer services to their needs for better business interactions with your audience.

Customer service on the phone


Speaking with a customer service representative is an initial point of contact for many consumers. The experience leaves a lasting impression of the organisation on consumers, and this can influence their future relationship with the organisation in question.


Consumers across Australia agree that the following are qualities that make for great consumer service on the phone:

  • Prompt phone service (not being put on hold)

  • Customer service personnel with clear and professional communication skills

  • Local call centres (keeping jobs at home)


Australian consumers are conscious of the impact that local customer service activities and operations have on the economy, and on their quality of life. While cost is often a defining factor for both service offerings and consumer purchases, our findings show that customers are searching for value for money in product and service offerings.


Why is customer service important for Australia’s future?


Elevating the level of customer service within Australia can make for a brighter future in a number of ways, including:

  • Better quality of life

  • More innovation, resulting in exportable goods and services

  • More employment opportunities and better training

  • Business solutions that create solutions to problems currently experienced throughout the country


The Royal Commission was created to address issues within the scope of Australia’s financial sector; however, disparities between consumers and businesses can be found in all scopes of business and require action to resolve issues and move Australia into a world leader in business and lifestyle through direct customer-business conversations.


Are you looking to better connect with consumers? Action our customer service insights to provide quality service that brings your business to the next level.