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Creating Change Through Consumer Behaviour

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Caption: Would you like to see a difference in products and services offered in malls? Share your thoughts through RAPPS to make a difference today.

The importance of consumer behaviour in business


Consumer behaviour is a phenomenon that businesses study in order to stay relevant to their customers. Consumer behaviour is constantly changing, often as a response to global and local factors that influence people throughout the world. As a result, businesses aren’t always able to keep up with the pace of change, and a gap between consumers and businesses can open up, forming dissatisfied consumers, and subsequently, causing businesses to lose customers.


How does RAPPS help improve business through consumer behaviour?


RAPPS is a platform created to give consumers a voice to enter into real-time conversations with businesses. This is important for both businesses and consumers, as each party relies on one another for everyday transactions. Consumers rely on businesses to provide goods and services, while businesses rely on consumers to buy these items to generate a revenue.


Although many businesses invest in marketing to gain insights into what consumers are willing to purchase, these insights are not always well translated into end products.


There are a number of reasons why this can occur, including:

  • Misinterpretation of results

  • Biased sample sizes

  • Losing sight of the insights into the developing of the end product

RAPPS aims to improve the relay of consumer behaviour and insights through direct interactions with businesses in an open environment.


Through the platform, consumers are able to:

  • Leave reviews for registered businesses

  • Write product reviews

  • Make suggestions on services and products that they would like a business to provide


Consumers are also able to inquire about:

  • Quotes from a business

  • Bookings

  • Further information on products and services provided


Additionally, consumers have the ability to follow any business whether registered or not and receive notifications when a review is submitted on the said business’ profile to stay up to date with others’ experiences and thoughts on events and products that may be offered.


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Caption: Media informs people about products and businesses that can impact their everyday lives.

Media is one of the major factors influencing consumer behaviour

Consumer behaviour can be influenced by a number of factors.

These factors can be diverse in nature, and range from:

  • Economic factors, such as recessions, inflation, and employment rates

  • Political reforms and policies

  • Global and environmental events, and

  • Social trends

These factors, coupled with media coverage from programs like A Current Affair influence, can affect consumer behaviour towards businesses and spending habits. Alternatively, consumer behaviour can also have an impact on these factors, and create newsworthy change in the process.


RAPPS allows these changes to be updated in real-time through:

  • Partnering with news organisation

  • Producing insightful articles and content, and

  • Linking to social media outlets

These connections enable businesses and consumers alike to keep up with trends and perspectives on products and services shared by consumers, for better informed decisions and insights.


Are you a B2B business? RAPPS also allows you to interact with businesses with many of the same features and benefits as consumers do. Visit our business

section to learn more.


Alt description: Woman giving her perspective on consumer behaviour

Caption: Marketers are always looking for consumers’ perspectives to create products and services that better fit them. Provide your insights on RAPPS today to help business best meet your needs and provide better offerings.

The role of consumer behaviour in marketing

Marketers study consumer behaviour in order to best understand their target audience. Often, they will conduct market research to understand what consumers are looking for in a product or service.


They do this through:

  • Surveys

  • Phone calls and conversations

  • Competitions and events


These insights help businesses understand what consumers are in need of, and can result in a service being provided to fulfil the need. This is a win-win situation for both the business and the consumer, and encourage innovation and improvements in business.

The importance of consumer behaviour in modern marketing

As a platform dedicated to making business better, we fully appreciate the importance of consumer behaviour on modern marketing.

Our Customer Service Insights provide marketers and businesses with an understanding of what consumers look for when purchasing products and services.


We recognise the impact that this information has on both:

  • Improving the quality of life for Australians through better interactions with products and services, and

  • Enhancing business offerings and products by catering to consumers


As a result, we have dedicated features in place to continue enabling consumers to add insights and value to businesses and be compensated for doing so.

We do this by offering consumers the opportunity to:

  • Make bookings free of charge through various websites

  • Become brand ambassadors and earn money when a recommended business uses their individual promotion code  


Consumer behaviour is the driving force for change. Join RAPPS today to share your thoughts and interact with businesses to build a brighter future.