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An Independent Review Site Promoting Fair Trade Practice in Australia  RAPPS

29 Nov, 2018

The recent market statistics as revealed by ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) the supreme body monitoring Australian consumer affairs have labelled online review platforms as the trusted medium in deciding the market value of many renowned brands.


The era of digitalization has ushered greater transparency in the consumer and service provider affair. From common buyers to the leading commercial players everyone is spending considerable amount of their valuable time on the online review websites for comprehensive market research. R.A.P.P.S is one such verified platforms featuring genuine consumer reviews Australia to safeguard the ethics of consumerism.


Being a verified online consumer complaint forum, R.A.P.P.S has earned considerable users traffic in much less time for promoting fair business practices in Australia by displaying authentic reviews from real customers. Not only prospective buyers can make informed purchasing decision considering the reviews posted on the site but can also participate in interactive discussion with other consumers through blog comments. Modern consumers rely more on online review websites than on personal recommendations. R.A.P.P.S strictly discourage fake reviews posted with an intention to malign a brand’s market image and also to avert situations that can mislead the consumers. Considering the authentic reviews posted on R.A.P.P.S, there prevails a greater assurance that the concerned consumer is not posting comments out of any personal grievances against that particular service provider.


R.A.P.P.S being one of the fastest growing review platform encourage consumer reviews Australia from everyday buyers than those who hold specialized knowledge. The web world has unleashed ample opportunities for the consumers to compare various reviews and product or service ratings from other review websites before finalizing their investment decision. R.A.P.P.S has unfold newer horizons for the Australian consumers to consider wide range of product reviews thus promoting awareness in securing their consumer rights. Smart buyers can easily identify the reviews that are posted for commercial promotions and R.A.P.P.S being a trusted site displays only authentic reviews to help the consumers weed out between the good and bad products in the market.


Apart from the common consumers, the giant Australian corporations are also dissecting each reviews posted on R.A.P.P.S to trace the market status of their products and services. The reviews posted on R.A.P.P.S can either be against or in favor of a particular brand that help them to analyse their loopholes in order to strengthen their brand value in the market. In order to ensure a fair trade practice in Australia, R.A.P.P.S strictly abide by the applicable principles of ACCC featuring unbiased reviews thus guiding the consumers in making a rational purchasing decision.

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