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RAPPS Reviews’ mission is to bring five million Australian consumers together through the RAPPS Reviews website by the year 2020 by means of establishing the largest online product and services reviews website in Australia.

RAPPS values businesses that hold the same business ethics as we do, and that’s business based on great values, great customer service experience and respect.

RAPPS stands for Reviews About Products Performance & Service

On average, consumers who receive excellent customer service from an Australian business, will usually tell around three other people about their great experience and this is generally how “word of mouth” works.

However, RAPPS has the power to magnify that reach when your customers write online reviews about the great customer service experiences they received when doing business with you, via the RAPPS Reviews website.

Instead of verbally telling a few of their mates, the information they have about your business has the ability to spread further… much further.

Online reviews are the modern-day marketing tool and have the potential to reach tens of thousands of other consumers, if not more!

But you knew that already, didn't you!

What RAPPS offers:



Business Registration

Businesses can register with RAPPS Reviews FREE of charge.

This registration provides your business with access to your own dashboard on the RAPPS website and provides you the ability to upload your business’ logo, making it easy for consumers to search for and easily identify your brand.

Additionally, registering your business gives you the ability to communicate with your review writers so you can personally thank them for their kind words or on the flipside, should your review writers post some not-so-kind words, you can chat to customer enabling you to resolve their concerns and come to a solution. Thus, turning a possible negative review into a positive one!

This feature is not available on any other review site in Australia.

Further to that, consumers can search for your business via our search feature and read the reviews that have been posted by your other loyal customers. However, they cannot contact you directly as contact facilities are provisioned for this service.

Preferred Business Membership - Gold, Platinum or Corporate?

All registered businesses have the ability to upgrade to one of three “Preferred Business Memberships” depending on the needs of your business.

Simply pledge to uphold our Customer's Values Charter and upon approval and receipt of the relevant subscription fee your added benefits as a Gold, Platinum or Corporate Member, will soon pay the cost of the subscription fee.

For information regarding Preferred Business Membership pricing and tier structures, please contact

RAPPS Reviews Customer Values Charter

Research indicates that Consumers Want:


•    To feel genuinely valued and important.

•    To be provided service and assistance with a smile 😊

•    Have excellent, helpful staff attend to them that can answer all of their questions.

•    Be provided with value for money.

•    Have confidence that the items they’re buying are of great quality and meet their expectations.

•    To receive personalised service.

•    Deal with businesses that have excellent phone etiquette (businesses who understand the importance of never leaving customers on hold for more than 2 minutes!)

•    Multiple choices when it comes to how they can contact you (i.e. via phone, email or via your social media platforms)

•    To deal with staff that are friendly and easy to communicate with.

•    To take their business to organisations that keep their jobs at home in Australia and not outsource their work overseas.

When consumers post online reviews, they help consumers from all over Australia, to make informed decisions about the products and services they’re themselves, considering buying. 


Advertising is simple with RAPPS Reviews.

Reach out to potentially tens of thousands of customers that are actively seeking a RAPPS Reviews Preferred Business Member to do business with.


Because consumers today are more time and money savvy than ever before. Also, they know that as a Preferred Business Member you have pledged to uphold the Customer’s Values Charter. Besides that, your online reviews will speak for themselves!

Don't pay per click, that’s so 2018!

Continually advertise your business on the RAPPS Reviews website by placing your logo on your dashboard or via a banner advertisement on the dashboard of your competitors (now there’s an idea!).

You can post advertisements nationally, by state or states or by city or cities. You can even post advertisements to target regional or rural towns or local areas of up to five postcodes, the choice is yours!   

Need more information?

Email with the word ADVERTISE in the subject line and we will get back to you, fast!



Mobile device Apps are currently under construction; however, you can post your consumer reviews or advertise with us via the RAPPS Reviews website NOW! 

RAPPS Reviews is all about making it easier for businesses to monitor their online reviews and to help consumers locate businesses who offer the best customer service and the best value for money when it comes to the products and services they’re looking to purchase.

RAPPS was designed with both Australian businesses and consumers in mind – making it a win-win choice for all.