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RAPPS stands for Reviews About Products, Performance & Service

RAPPS Reviews has been designed with both the business owner and consumer in mind.

RAPPS for Consumers:

RAPPS Reviews provides consumers the opportunity to post reviews about any Australian business they come into contact with.

It’s a chance for you, as a customer of a private or public Aussie business (including Government departments), to express your honest, first-hand experiences and opinions about the products and/or services you’ve invested your hard earned money in, via a safe and secure website.

We’ve done our research!

What we found is, online reviews are rated against the following values that consumers find important when determining how satisfied they were with a business:

  • They’ve made you feel important and valued.
  • Provided service and assistance with a smile 😊
  • Have excellent, helpful staff that can answer all of your questions.
  • Provide value for money.
  • Stock great quality products.
  • Provide personalised service.
  • Have excellent phone etiquette (e.g. a great business would never leave you on hold for more than 2 minutes!)
  • Provide multiple ways for you to contact them (i.e. by phone, email or via their social media platforms)
  • Have staff that are friendly, and easy to communicate with.
  • Keep their jobs and employees at home in Australia, rather than outsourcing their work overseas.

At RAPPS we believe that when a business receives your money, they should receive praise for exceptional performance.

Just as importantly, if you believe improvement is required the said business should be provided constructive feedback.

Online reviews serve as a way to hold businesses accountable if they have failed to meet your expectations as a valued customer.


RAPPS for Businesses:

RAPPS Reviews allows individuals to voice their opinions about the products, performance and/or services they've received from your business.

Reviews posted by consumers on RAPPS are written by your customers for your business. As RAPPS is an independent entity, this guarantees complete transparency in the feedback you receive about your business.

Online reviews are intended to provide your business with comment about your ability to provide exceptional customer satisfaction, so reviews are written by consumers about the experiences they have directly had with your business.

RAPPS Reviews is about good consumerism and listening to your customers.

With new products and services appearing daily, the consumer world is evolving, and as we know, the future is digital – this means that if you’re not focused on what’s happening with your your business online, you could be missing out on extremely valuable feedback about the products and/or services you provide.

When RAPPS started considering the future of business, online reviews were a key factor in determining how any business could be perceived by an online audience.

Online reviews are the old “TV and radio commercials”. Great online reviews are your new best friend when it comes to marketing your business.

Why? Because great reviews lead to more website traffic, which lead to more sales, which… well, you get the idea…

Receiving online reviews, both good and bad, has become more important than ever before. (It’s no secret that consumers are doing their research online before deciding to make a purchase of any kind).

RAPPS Reviews will help your business get more positive reviews and in a unique twist, allow you to directly negotiate with your customer should you receive a negative review. Allowing you the opportunity to resolve the issue before it goes live on the RAPPS website.

No other online review platform can do this.

RAPPS goes a step further in its guarantee to provide 100% transparency and reliability in the information that’s posted on our website.

It’s reliable, because we check EVERYTHING!

Additionally, the RAPPS Team does not endorse or take “sides” when it comes to consumer opinions.

However, consumers, be-warned! RAPPS insists that consumers be truthful and state only the facts when submitting reviews about any interaction they have had with any business.

For more information, please see our Terms and Conditions

And remember! The RAPPS TEAM are just like you, we’re everyday consumers!

RAPPS Reviews values and stands for positive customer service to ensure Aussie businesses make customer satisfaction a priority!